Keeping your website on top of the search engine results pages can be next to impossible with a website that rarely gets updated. This is just one of the reasons that you need to add content to your website. A great way to do this is with an online web log, commonly known as a blog.

With a blog you can post daily, weekly or even monthly updates to your visitors whether they're customers, potential customers, or search engine bots crawling your page to find content for the search engine.

Adding Content To Your Blog

The software we install on our websites makes it very simple to add all kinds of content to your website. If you opt for a small non-ecommerce website, we will most likely install Wordpress on your site, which means you'll get the same blogging features that hundreds of thousands of websites online have, which includes drag-and-drop image uploads, YouTube video embedding, auto-formatting for text content, and more.

Using A Blog To Update Customers

Think about the amount of time you spend chatting with your customers in an effort to promote a new service your company offers. What if you could post about this new service once on your blog, and have hundreds or thousands of your customers read about it? Not only does it leave more time for you to get back to business, it also lets your customers hear about the service in a no-pressure environment, meaning they may be more willing to look into the service more since they feel comfortable knowing they aren't just being preached to by a salesman.

Blogs and SEO

Not only do blogs help the customers and potential customers who view your website, but it also helps the search engines who visit your website to find content for their search engines. By posting regular updates on your website, you're telling search engines such as Google that you are an avid website owner who wants to post constant and relevant information to your visitors, which is a trait search engines love in a website.

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