A Content Management System is a piece of software installed on a website server (after the .com in your domain name) that allows the separation of the content of a website from the templates (sometimes referred to as "themes"), and allows a website owner to create webpages and manage content much more easily than if they had to create pages without it.

Why Content Management Systems Are Necessary

Many websites only feature a handful of pages on them, which might include contact pages and image galleries, but most can reach a page count in the tens to hundreds. Before the development of Content Management Systems, website owners would have to edit each of these 100+ web pages by hand, updating links and changing the HTML code in each. Now they can use their CMS to separate the content on their website from the overall structure, meaning they can edit a single "template" file to make changes to every single webpage on their website.

Not only does this save the user time and money, but it also encourages users to add more content to a website, as it requires much less effort to add new pages than it used to. Simply clicking "Add Page" and writing some text would create a entirely new page on your website that features the same outer structure (the template or theme) as the rest of the website.

Content Management Systems

The most noteworthy and well known CMS's include Wordpress and Magento.


Wordpress Dashboard

Wordpress is an industry-standard Content Management System that allows the user to create pages - usually in the form of an "About" page and presented statically in a navigation menu - and posts which are more focused on timely events such as news about the business, and are presented in a blog format in most cases.


Magento eCommerce Administration Dashboard

Magento is also an industry-standard CMS, but is better for handling an ecommerce store with products, sales, etc. It is designed to allow the business to efficiently handle online sales.

Content Management System Assistance

To ensure you make the most of the website we build for you, we offer various types of assistance to you. When we deliver the final product to you, we can show you the ins and outs of the CMS - how to create new pages, edit old pages, add images, etc., allowing you to update the website without our help in the future. Alternatively, we can also do this all for you if it's something you don't have the time or patience to do yourself - our ongoing website management services will take care of this so you don't have to worry about it.

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