There's a lot more to running a successful website than writing some blog posts while hoping visitors somewhere are reading what you post. We take the guesswork out of this process by managing, analysing and reporting on statistics given by visitor-tracking software that we can installed seamlessly on your website.

Analysing Visitors And Keeping Their Attention

Websites can get old very quickly. To help keep a website fresh it is important to develop great new content that your visitors will enjoy and stay to read. Unfortunately, we don't always know what pages on our website are being read, and which are being completely ignored. With analytics software, we can watch the visitor trends on your website to determine what's being read, which pages are being viewed, and where you're losing most of your customer's attention.

Using our guidance and reports, you'll be able to target future articles and posts to the specific visitors to your site by determining the most common interests and keywords used by these guests. In turn you'll keep their attention, convince them to revisit your site in the future and even create their own blogs talking about your blog post!

Figuring Out Where Your Visitors Come From

Analytics software can tell us where your visitors are coming from to get to your website (via search engines, other websites, social networks, etc), which can tell us how strong your presence is on these mediums. For instance, you may have the same amount of Fans/Followers on Facebook and Twitter, but you may be getting only a fraction of the visits from Twitter that you are from Facebook. By seeing this trend, you're able to decide to either change your social networking strategy to focus more on Facebook fans, or to change the types of posts you're sending on Twitter and try to win back the attention of the followers you've somehow lost.

Observing Your Website's Search Engine Statistics

We can generate reports for you that detail the search engine statistics of your website - how well your webpages are positioned in various search engines and what kinds of keywords people are typing in to research your website's topics. Seeing these keywords is a very valuable tool that can help you customise the future content of your website to suit these users, as well as retargeting old content to generate higher interest in search engines by editing content, keywords and titles.

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